Our Mission

T​he principal mission of Startup Tribes, is to democratize access to innovation, learning, and economic ecosystems. Our proprietary technology platforms, support, and consulting services propel resilient innovators, founders, and learners who are driven by a business idea with potential. We are committed to level the playing field for every innovator and learner.

Our Values

O​ur values are to enhance access and sharing of knowledge by building vibrant innovation communities that are bound together by a collaborative culture. From our founding in 2019, we believe that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are central to sustainable innovation.

We embrace the idea that all individuals, regardless of social or economic circumstances, have the potential to develop an entrepreneurial mindset; and that everyone has the right to start a venture. With the rapid growth of virtual meeting technologies, cloud/mobile computing, easy access to startup capital and resources, and the widespread availability of inexpensive technology tools, now is the best time in human history to test innovative ideas. Startup Tribes stand ready to propel the people behind the ideas.

Our Methodology

Our team of subject matter experts (SMEs) are our most compelling value proposition. Working in teams, we help leaders of the innovation & entrepreneurship, and economic development programs make critical decisions about the best path forward. Our SMEs include serial entrepreneurs, technology experts, researchers and professors, policy makers, and startup investors. Many work with primer institutions and foundations in entrepreneurship-led economic development.

​We listen to and understand goals and priorities, conduct an exhaustive review of current assets/people/processes, and then custom design a proposal that matches budgets and timelines. Customers have the option to use our proprietary technology platform or a third party. If customers opt to use our technology platform, we embark on iterative cycles of building/testing/customizing followed by training, handover, and tracking of key performance metrics over time.